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Call For Papers

Papers are invited on all topics related to Intelligent Manufacturing and Energy Sustainability.


Conference Topics: 

  • Track-1
    Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
    Hybrid Machining
    Polymers, Composites and Nano Materials
    Design Thinking & Prototyping
    Product Life Cycle Strategies

  • Track-2
    Automation and Robotics
    Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
    Computer Vision
    Intelligent Modeling
    Simulation and Optimization
    Digital Twin

  • Track-3
    Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Bio Mechanics
    Heat and Mass Transfer
    Cryogenics and Jet Propulsion
    CO2 Capture
    Recycling Technologies
    Biomass and Biofuels

  • Track-4
    Intelligent Transport Systems
    Electric and Hybrid Cars
    Micro Air Vehicles
    Energy storage systems
    Smart Grids
    Sustainable Energy Systems


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